Scientific Advisory Panel

Meet Sam Lightstone

B.Sc. Eng., M.Math.


Sam Lightstone serves as IBM Chief Technology Officer for Data, IBM Fellow and a Master Inventor in the IBM Data and AI group.

Mr. Lightstone serves as a member of the Scientific Advisory Panel.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Warehousing, Data Virtualization, Databases, IoT, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing.

Research Interests:

Sam Lightstone is IBM Chief Technology Officer for AI Strategy, IBM Fellow and a Master Inventor in the IBM Data and AI group. He is also chair of the Data and AI Technical Team, the working group of IBM’s technical executives in the division. He has been the founder and co-founder of several large-scale initiatives including AI databases, next generation data warehousing, data virtualization, autonomic computing for data systems, serverless cloud SQL query, and cloud native database services. He co-founded the IEEE Data Engineering Workgroup on Self-Managing Database Systems. Sam has more than 65 patents issued and pending and has authored 4 books and over 30 papers. Sam’s books have been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.  In his spare time he is a an avid guitar player and fencer.  His expertise will help to provide important insight and experience in data management, intellectual property and patent acquisition to the SAP.


B.Sc., Eng, Electrical Engineering (Queen’s University)
M.Math, Computer Science – Software Engineering (University of Waterloo)


  • Chief Technology Officer, AI Strategy; IBM Fellow & Master Inventor (IBM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), May 2020 – Present
  • CTO for Data, IBM Fellow & Master Inventor, IBM Data and AI (IBM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Aug 2018 – Apr 2020
  • IBM Fellow & Master Inventor, IBM Analytics (IBM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Apr 2017 – Aug 2018
  • Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for Data Warehousing (IBM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Apr 2013 – Apr 2017
  • Program Director (IBM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Nov 2007 – Apr 2013
  • Senior Technical Staff Member (IBM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Oct 2003 – Apr 2013


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