Image of grey and white cat being examined by person in blue scrubs.

Proposal Overview

The Executive Summary is comprised of the following sections:

NOTE: Each section with * has a character limit of 2500 characters (~1 page)

*Background and Importance:

Provide a brief overview of relevant background information and/or rationale for the proposed research. 

*Goal(s) / Research Aims:

Indicate the broad goal(s) and specific research aims of the proposed research and clear linkage indicating how they fit the objectives of the Clinical Translation Platform. What is the intended product or service that will result from this research? Who is your intended market? (i.e. veterinary, human, or both) 

Previous Work Performed:

Upload or link any publications and briefly summarize any preliminary work that has been performed with the proposed technique, agent or device. 

*Methods / Approaches / Expertise: 

Provide a brief overview of the methodology and population that will be used to address each of the research aims. This section may also include the nature of the core expertise being brought together to address the proposed research. Information may include important collaborations (within or outside of the research community) that will be accessed to achieve the outlined research goals. 

*Expected Outcomes:

Describe the expected outcomes of the proposed research highlighting the significance of the proposed research and how it will advance knowledge and/or its application to human and animal health.  

Background of Researcher:

Please upload your CV and provide a brief background of your role as a collaborator/PI.


List all major collaborators for this project and their expertise, expected role.


What is your goal for timeline of completion for this work? 


What resources (either private or grant) do you have to support this proposal? 


Has safety been demonstrated in dogs (and/or cats)? If not, are you prepared to perform this work? What support would you require?

Interested in Submitting a Project for Consideration?

Please complete the following application form.

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