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Submit a Project


Projects will focus on innovation and may involve a novel technology, device or intervention that could be evaluated in a veterinary clinical trials setting. While veterinary to human translation will be considered an asset, we will also consider ideas that are more focused on commercialization in the veterinary market. For more information and the program objectives, please re-visit the home page.

Application Process

The project application process will occur in 2 parts:

1. An Executive Summary will be reviewed and depending on project suitability for this program you will be invited to submit a Full Proposal to be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Panel.

2. Following review of the executive summary, we will meet with you to discuss details around caseload, budgeting, and other costs and resources associated with carrying out the project. This meeting will occur prior to submission of the Full Proposal.

Interested in Submitting a Project for Consideration?

Please complete the following application form.

Please note this program is not intended as a funding mechanism. Researchers will be expected to provide funding sources as part of this application. Applicants are requested to provide the research summary using scientific or technical terms making sure to complete all sections prior to submission. 

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